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The collection of scientific articles and materials “Armenian Frescoes”, compiled and edited by the doctor of historical sciences Karen Matevosyan, was published in Yerevan, in 2019.

It was published by the recommendation of the scientific committee of Matenadaran and sponsored by the “Victoria” International Charitable Foundation (founder – director Gayane Georgian).

For the first time in Armenia, a Collection of articles and various materials on the art of Armenian frescoes was published.Its main purpose is the further development of the comprehensive study of Armenian frescoes.The book contains analytical articles, as well as information and documentary materials on particular frescoes.

One of the goals of the publication is to attract the attention of not only specialists, but also the corresponding organizations in the field of preservation of the monuments to the problem of frescoes, since most of these monuments are in poor condition.

One of the novelties of the Book is a refutation of the well-known hypothesis in the literature that there is a small number of Armenian Frescoes.

The rich materials in the Book indicate that medieval Armenian frescoes were not rare and that the Armenian fresco art was developed in parallel with the main stages of Armenian architecture from the early Middle Ages to the modern times.

Medieval Armenian frescoes are distinguished by their artistic merits, often with original iconography, and are important not only for Armenian, but also for world art.

Articles have summaries in English. The book consists of 400 pages, 92 of which are color illustrations. The content of the book in Armenian and in English is available in the LIBRARY section of our website. A digital version of the book will be available online at the end of coming year.

The video features the interview of the editor of the book - Karen Matevosyan, on "Shoghakat" TV in occasion of the publication of the Collection of scientific articles and various materials "Armenian Frescoes" (14. 12. 2019).

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